You've to buy some ingredients to make a beautiful cake back at home.  Go to the different shops avoiding all distractions or they will change your current thoughts. To protect yourself, focus using Z.

When you're focused, distractions from the outside world can't affect you.

Theme: keep it alive (your memory / thoughts).


  • Move around
  • (When hinted) Interact w/stuff
  • Z
  • Focus!
  • Escape
  • Restart game // Exit


Mirlo Clarin. Music and Sfx.

Víctor Ramón. Code and art.

Tools used:

GameMaker Studio 2, Figma, FL Studio and pen & paper.

(Audio samples from:


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Vaya estilazo, chulada.

I need more instructions. The thoughts are too easily replaced and focusing doesn't help as it stops you in your tracks.

Also, distractions shouldn't hit you while you're buying something.

I managed to finish the game. After realising the distractions are the onomatopoeia that hit you, I could attempt completion. Even then, you have to know where all the distractions are and spam the focus button.