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Disclaimer: I made the game on GameMaker Studio for MAC, but at the moment of compilling the build I changed to Windows... and magic happened (!!) Bad magic (!!) The game view is not 100% pixel perfect... so some annoying interpolated colors appeared on screen. I'll fix it, but now I need some rest.


Help our elder woman protagonist get out of jail. Her only crime is to be badass af. So the game is not finished, I planned to make a final boss at the end... so there's a some kind of conclusion. Now is an infinite hallway and more of a prototype of the runner system/idea. We're pretty proud of the result, hope you enjoy I would love to read some feedback on how to improve.



ALetter "C"
Jump (useful for not dying electrocuted).
BLetter "X"
Charge (needs tobacco to work, destroy stuff but not everything).
StartKey "Enter"
Start and restart game.
D-PadArrow Keys
Move to right and left. Dodge Enemies.
Power OFFEscape KeyClose the damn thing


Tools used:

  • Game engine: GameMaker Studio 2.
  • Graphics: Aseprite & Figma.
  • Audio magic: Famitracker, wavosaur, audacity & Bfxr.
  • File management: Telegram.
  • Repository: Github.
  • GIF sweet machine: Kap & Screen to GIF.


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Nanaout.zip 7 MB


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Made a video

It's a really fun runner ! Just one thing : Why does the tabacco doesn't decreases when I run ? I could hold B forever without using any tabacco and from the looks of your controls it's not supposed to be this way. Still a Great Game to pull off from a jam tho !



And yeah totally, tobacco was meant to be like ammo. As the hearts in the original Castlevania. Use them to charge full speed and make the game easier, or keep them as points in the end result.

But I couldn't add all that end result thing, still I want to add a closure to the game next week. So stay tuned for an update :)